Chronic Urticaria

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Dr. Kiran V. Godse



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Utricaria is a dermatological disorder characterized by the sudden appearance of itchy hives (wheals), angioedema or both. Symptoms are due extravasation of plasma caused by mast cell degranulation. Utricaria is classified as chronic if the symptoms persist for more than 6 weeks.

Most common cause of chronic utricaria is auto-immune, followed by physical causes, chronic infections, urticarial vasculitis and idiopathic. Chronic utricaria adversely affects the quality of life.

Autologus serum skin test helps to diagnose chronic utricaria. Also, recent revisions to EAACI/GA2LEN/EDF/WAO guidelines have updated the diagnostic steps.

Indian guidelines for utricaria and EAACI guidelines 2013 suggest second generation H1-antihistamins as first line of management.

During the course of this lecture Dr Kiran Godse, explains:

· Definition of Utricaria

· Guidelines for Management of Utricaria

· Autologus Serum Skin Test

· Updosing of Antihistamines for Chronic Utricaria Management

· Use of Omalizumab in Chronic Utricaria


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